Ewa Hedlund – nová předsedkyně EM Švédska

Ewa Hedlund has been elected
President of European Movement Sweden. She is a former Brusselsbased journalist
and has also been a spokeswoman for European Commissioners Margot Wallstrom
from Sweden and Dalia Grybauskaité from Lithuania.

Founded in 2009 EM Sweden is one of
the youngest European Movements. EM Sweden is a meeting place for European
activities such as seminars, debates and discussions about European issues. It
organizes 8-10 seminars a year on different topics. EM Sweden also organizes
activities with other European organizations based in Sweden. In 2012 EM Sweden
took the initiative to commemorate the cease-fire on November 11th, the first
time ever in Sweden. Every year EM Sweden appoints the European of the Year.
The award ceremony is held on Europe Day, May 9. In 2013 the EM activities will
focus much on the upcoming European election in May 2014 but also on „Talk
about Europe“ a series of discussions where different European issues are


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