EMI Training Academy launched a photo competition

As you know, the EMI Training Academy launched a photo competition last year, and now is the time to vote on the competing entries! We asked people to take a photo of something representing „The multicultural spirit of young generations“ in their country and to send it to us with a short comment. To ensure a fair evaluation, we decided to have an international committee composed of member organizations of the European Movement to select the 2 winners according to the following criteria:
           Relevance to the theme
          Artistic dimension
Attached is a document with a summary of the competition rules, as well a pre-selection of the competing photos. To keep it simple, we would like you to have a look and tell us which is the best photo according to you (so only ONE photo), keeping in mind the 3 evaluation criteria. There are 16 photos so it should only take you a few minutes. It will then be easy for us to see which 2 photos get the most votes. In case of a tie, our Secretary General will make the final decision.
Please let us know your decision by Friday 12 April.

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