Invitation to a conference „Europe for You(th)“ 12/4/2024

Accept our invitation to the conference organised with support of European Parliament by the European Movement in Czech Republic and the Institute of European Democrats in cooperation with the European Renaissance Institute on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the greatest ever enlargement of the European Union.

The event is being conducted under the auspices of the Minister for European Affairs, Martin Dvořák, 1st Deputy Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, Věra Kovářová
and MP Jan Berki, member of the European Affairs Committee.

When: on Friday 12 April 2024
Where: Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Sněmovní 1, PRAGUE 1
and Strahov Monastery, Strahovské nádvoří 1, PRAGUE 1

The conference will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech and English,
and will be streamed on-line.

"Europe for You(th)" - Programme

Chamber of Deputies

8:45 – Registration with refreshments
9:30 – Opening remarks by the patronage holders and representatives of the main organising organisations
    • Jan Berki – MP, Member of the European Affairs Committee, Parliament of the Czech Republic
    • Francesco Rutelli – President, Institute of European Democrats (IED), video message
    • Andrzej Potocki – Vice-President, European Democratic Party
    • Vladimír Špidla – President of the European Movement in the Czech Republic
    • Julien Omowadi – Board Member, Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
    • Petros Fassoulas – Secretary-General, European Movement International, video message (tbc)
    • Pavlína Žáková – Deputy Minister for European Affairs of the Government of the Czech Republic
    • Introduction by Nikola Šrubařová, Secretary-General, European Movement in Czech Republic
10:15 – Coffee break
10:30 – 1st round table: Disinformation and how to counter it

How can equality of expression be guaranteed in the age of algorithmic control of social media? How can we regulate online communication to protect our common values without resorting to anti-democratic tools such as censorship or other ad hoc restrictions?

    • Marie Heřmanová – social anthropologist, author, lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, researcher at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    • Arnaud de Vibraye – expert on hybrid threats, EU policy and the human factor in cybersecurity, YDE
    • Jakub Landovský – Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO
    • Tomáš Řepa – military historian, assistant professor and lecturer at the University of Defence in Brno, lecturer at Masaryk University
    • Lutjona Lula – researcher and communication proffessional, digitalization and deliberative emocracy, IED
    • Petr Gongala – coordinator of the project, Central European Digital Media Observatory (CEDMO)
    • Moderated by Pavel Trantina, Vice-President, European Movement in Czech Republic

11:45 – Discussion

12:15 – Lunch break
13:15 – 2nd round table: Our efforts to protect the planet and their consequences

How does global warming affect citizens socially and psychologically? Climate change will require societal changes, are governments and political leaders considering it? What role does media treatment of environmental issues play in their acceptance?

    • Catherine Chabaud – Member of the European Parliament (video)
    • Aleš Chmelař – Czech Ambassador to the OECD, former State Secretary for European Affairs (online)
    • Eva Morel – founder and chairwoman of
    • Anna Kárníková – director of Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth
    • Romana Jungwirth Březovská – researcher at AMO and Global Change Research Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences
    • Dagmar Michalíková – Vice-President of the Living Water Association, co-ordinator of Living Landscape project
    • Vladimír Špidla – President of the European Movement in the Czech Republic, historian, politician, nature photographer and enviromentalist
    • Moderated by Gerrit-Jan van Otterloo, Institute of European Democrats

14:30 – Discussion

15:00 – Walking transfer to Strahov Monastery

Due to the strictly limited capacity, entry will be possible only upon presentation of a ticket, which will be obtained from the organisers during the Friday programme in the Chamber. Thank you for your understanding.

Strahov Monastery - upon approval

15:30 – Refreshments 
16:00 – Debate: The role of libraries for current and future generations

Discussion on the role of libraries in the fight against misinformation, educating the public in the digital era.

    • Daniel Peter Janáček – Abbot of Strahov Monastery
    • Tomáš Řehák – Director of the Municipal Library in Prague
    • Giorgia Petracchi – Moderator, member of Young Democrats for Europe (YDE)
17:15 – Closing remarks by Jean-Baptiste Houriez, Institute of European Democrats, invitation to a cocktail
17:30 – 19:30 – Dinner

Registration CLOSED

Registration is closed, capacity is full. If you would like to receive a link to watch the live stream, please fill out the form below.

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