Dopis předsedy Outraty s gratulacemi Evropskému hnutí v Irsku

Předseda Evropského hnutí v ČR pan Edvard Outrata poblahopřál výkonné ředitelce Evropského hnutí v Irsku Andree Pappin k dosažení „Irského ANO“.


Dear Andrea Pappin,

On behalf of the European Movement in the Czech Republic I congratulate you on the result of the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty; on work well done. The final tally surpassed even the optimists´ expectations and shows a clear and undeniable popular will. This is also great success for all who fought on the “yes“ side, because the shift since last time was possible only as a result of a deeper understanding of the issues by a majority of the voters; and this required a large amount of work. It also shows that it is possible to bring voters along on issues of European integration, in spite of the opinions of pessimists and doom-sayers. Pass this message, please, to your members and all who helped.

Now your part of the work is done, please, keep up your support for us, because as you know, there is still some minor work on this subject in front of us here in this country.


Edvard Outrata,

President of the European Movement in the Czech Republic.

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