Výsledky voleb ve Velké Británii

Ze zprávy Alexe Godsona (Europemovement.eu):

The Conservative Party is on course, according to strong exit polls, to gain victory by a slender majority in the UK election 2015.


Throughout the night forecasters were left dumbfounded as the predicted ‘neck and neck’ runoff between Conservative and Labour politicians proved to be inaccurate. Despite a popular acceptance that the UK was set to experience its second ‘hung parliament’ in a row, following the case of the 2010 election, it is now clear that, even without reaching a majority, the Conservative party will be able to muster enough support in the Houses of Parliament to govern and to pass a Queen’s Speech on 27 May.


For pro-European forces, and for many others who were expecting a different result, this heightens the possibility of a ‘Brexit’, and will more than likely see the Conservative Party carrying through on their election manifesto promise to hold a UK referendum on membership of the UK in 2017.


You can follow the last results as they come in here

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