Novinky z EU – poslal Diogo Pinto, Secretary General, European Movement International

  1. Migrants who attempt to reach the European Union by crossing the Mediterranean should be turned back, the British interior minister wrote in an article on Wednesday. The comments come amid a European Union row over how to address a crisis that has seen thousands of migrants drown fleeing conflict and poverty in North Africa and the Middle East. Home Secretary Theresa May said a mooted proposal for European countries to accept a binding quota of refugees would only encourage more to make the dangerous sea crossing.
  2. The International Monetary Fund does not want to take part in a potential third bailout for Greece, after the current programme ends in June, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo. The IMF does not see enough effective measures coming from the Greek government, the paper writes.
  3. According to EurActiv, Greece has been invited to become a member of the development bank of the BRICS economies, including Russia and China, which is seeking to become a counterweight to the IMF, a move welcomed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as „a happy surprise“.
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