Prohlášení Mezinárodního evropského hnutí: k vývoji na středním východě

The European Rim Policy and Investment Council (ERPIC), a Think Tank of the European Movement in Cyprus, organised a roundtable on the theme “New Strategic Challenges for the Near East – The Awakening of Democracy or the Rise of Islamism?” on 8 March 2011 in Nicosia.  On this occasion, Diogo Pinto, Secretary General of the European Movement International (EMI), remarked that “Cyprus‘ geographical location offers a very unique view over the Eastern Mediterranean region, which is undergoing deep and fast changes. The high-quality work developed by ERPIC under the auspices of the European Movement in Cyprus is a valuable asset for the EMI network and brings an added-value to our own work on Europe’s relations with the Neighborhood and our Mediterranean Dialogue”.Founded in 2001, ERPIC is an independent, non-governmental organisation, composed of professionals, academics, politicians, business firms and several member organisations. ERPIC is committed to advancing mutual understanding between Europe and its neighbors by promoting closer economic, social and political interaction. The Think Tank acts as a resource center for those with business and policy interests in the European Rim by providing information and risk assessment.

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